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Double A A4 copy paper

Available : 80,75,70 gsm


5 reams per box

500 sheets per reams

7800 reams with pallet, 8000 reams non pallet


Brightness: 102-104%(class a)

size: a4

weight: 80 gsm

size: 210mm x 297mm,

brightness: 102-104%

wood pulp: 100% wood pulp

color: white

whiteness: cie167

capability: high speed copying100ppm, laser

roughness: 140ml/min.

surface roughness ts ml/min: 75-175

surface roughness bs ml/min: 100-200

bending stiffness md: 110 mn

bending stiffness cd: >50 mn

thickness : not lees than110 um

density : 0,72 g/cm3

roughness : ws 200~400 ml/min

roughness : fs 200~400 ml/min

opacity: 95% not opacity : 86%

cobb60 data : 30 g/m2

tensile md : 6.2 kg/15mm

tensile cd : 2.5 kg/15 mm

moisture : 4~7 %,

Excllent performance due to the following characteristics:

-moisture control - makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and

enchances runability

-low dust content - minimizing your copier runing cost.

-good opacity - double sided copying of the best quality

-smoothness _ improving printing quality.

-bulky sheet - enhancing smooth runnability.


No jam in photocopy machine

No double feed

Stay flat after copying

Leave no dust in the copy-machine

Nice appearance-white and clean


No jam in photocopy machine 

No double feed 

Stay flat after copying 

Leave no dust in the copy-machine 

Nice appearance-white and clean 

Nice touch-smooth and bulky 

No see through-print both sides 


Made from 100% virgin wood pulp

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