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Navigator A4 copy paper

Available : 80,75,70 gsm


5 reams per box

500 sheets per reams

7800 reams with pallet, 8000 reams non pallet


Brightness: 102-104%(class a)

size: a4

weight: 80,75,70 gsm

size: 210mm x 297mm,

brightness: 102-104%

wood pulp: 100% wood pulp

color: white

whiteness: cie167

capability: high speed copying100ppm, laser

roughness: 140ml/min

surface roughness ts ml/min: 75-175

surface roughness bs ml/min: 100-200

bending stiffness md: 110 mn

bending stiffness cd: >50 mn

thickness : not lees than110 um

density : 0,72 g/cm3

roughness : ws 200~400 ml/min

roughness : fs 200~400 ml/min

brightness : 102%

- opacity: 95% not opacity : 86%

cobb60 data : 30 g/m2

tensile md : 6.2 kg/15mm

tensile cd : 2.5 kg/15 mm

moisture : 4~7 %.

Trusted performance that always delivers.
Increased productivity : 99.99% paper jam free. Fewer jams means a lower cost per printed document.

Special surface treatment : Provides excellent printing quality on inkjet due to smarter ink absorption.

Multi Functional

100% guaranteed for all printers and copiers. Navigator can be used for all your documents

Silky Touch

Extra smooth surface. Improving the lifetime of office equipment whilst reducing toner consumption

Special Surface Treatment

Provides excellent printing quality on inkjet due to smarter ink absorption

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