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For more than 6 years, we have been passionate about helping our customers make bigger things happen at work at school and at home. As Indonesia’s one of home for office supplies,and student supplies, we’re focused on delivering a wide range, low prices and great service for our customers.

Our company PT Pacs Paper (Pacsper) was founded in 2018 and our company focuses on paper distribution. We also collaborate with several factories in our area, and this supports our achievements in marketing that we carry out overseas. We’re here to help our customers find solutions. Whether they’re looking to start, run or grow their business, set up a home office or office.

We are also committed to operating a sustainable and responsible business that supports our communities and provides opportunity for our team members. And our company is focused on continuing to deliver satisfactory returns to shareholders over the long term.


We always ensure that the products we sell are always in top condition, with quality control that is maintained and supported by an customer service that is ready to help you at any time.

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The paper products we sell are of the best quality.

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Supported by a professional workforce in every work process.

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All orders will be processed immediately.

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24 hour service available for your needs.

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