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25 Years of Paper One, Contribution to Indonesia’s

Paper one is a superior paper product for home, office and commercial printing needs. Paper one, which has been exported to more than 110 countries, consistently innovates to produce high-quality premium paper products, but still pays attention to environmental impacts. Paper one presents a range of quality paper products made from 100% renewable fiber and offers the best solution for printing and copying needs. Paper is made from wood pulp (pulp) produced from trees cut down in industrial forest plantation areas. Sometimes, perceptions about production and use of paper are considered negative by some people. In fact, with proper management, starting from sustainable forest management as the main source of paper raw materials, environmentally friendly production processes, to the use of used or recycled paper, all of these things can make a positive contribution.

Indonesia goverment implement a comprehensive timber legality system to prevent illegal timber from entering the supply and production chain. Including a policy of being free from raw materials that destroy forests and a policy of being free from burning. Forests as the lungs of the world need to be preserved by preventing and controlling forest fires. The hot issue of air pollution shows the important role of forests as producers of oxygen gas (O2). (www.pacsper.com) (PT Pacs)